sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Este es un blues que del corazón surge y requiere de una melodía que formaréis vosotros al son de los ritmos de este triste blues...

I were you (poem)

All my life
In a secret world,
Created for love,
Created for mankind.

The void
The love makes
In a tenderness heart
Keeps my soul
In a lovely inert hunch.

Your criminal want
Your shadow love,
Your great,
Your great,
Black heart.

It’s a story
A story,
A melancholic story,
That loves don’t sing.

It hurts,
Yes, it hurts
In a honest heart
In a broken soul.

Tempted to the cry
Tempted to life,
Another time:
My tiers will be
Your regretted life.

True love,
True smile,
True live,
True truth,
Where are they?!

Every mind,
Every soul,
My love,
My void,
Is the truth of
My misery soul.

I forgot
To live,
To smile,
For be an unknown,
For myself,
In your world.

I forgot,
I forgot,
How to live,
How to smile,
For you.

Yes I do,
I’ll do,
Our deathly kiss.

Secret love,
Precious heart,
Only for you…

By Komnyus

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